Rent a coder - Programming and design services need a partially made java desktop application to be completed am using java to code a desktop app that i need a prototype in two weeks i am done with the gui and drag and drop area all that remains is trigger actions to automatically detect a dropped files pa [..]Video streaming downloader Freelancers My name is Joonas Kuusemäe and I am looking for a programmer who would write me a simple program that would download football matches through JavaScript players from premium str [..]LASER ENGRAVING APPLICATION   The project requires the modification of an existing laser marking application to be embedded into an open source drawing program. The laser marking process is similar to a PC printer. La [..]I need an app to be built which will connect tutors and students. agree to do this project only if you are sure you can do it. In the past I gave this project to some people who claimed they would do but they did not even start. Please also tell what technol [..]simple text extraction tool input of small text file, extracts approx. 6 fields of relevant information (based on specified format and/or position in file) and outputs new file in .xls format. [..]Next Day pagination Wordpress Toolset Views Plugin have an existing working montly pagination running here Now I want to have a function also for next day / previous day pagination. I am using [..]I need a spa customer consultation form developed for Android tablet, when a new customer go to my spa salon for massage treatment, he/she is given a customer consultation form by the receptionist and fill up this piece of paper. The customer consultation for [..]I need android and IOS application an application to read from this and retur values for stored file numebrs. [..]By-passing Queue-it professional design to by-pass queue-it on websites that use it. [..]I need to know how to make a horizontal fraction and a square root with css and html I want to make a fraction that looks like what I have below to look like what I have in the attachment. How do I do that with CSS and HTML? I'm already using the Calculated Fields Form Plugin [..]I need to know how to make a horizontal fraction and a square root in html I want to make a fraction that looks like what I have below to look like what I have in the attachment. How do I do that with CSS and HTML? I'm already using the Calculated Fields Form Plugin [..]Automated Hardware Provisioning Machine a complete solution that allows a technician to plug in a network device and come back to it provisioned with little to no hands on time.   All network device hardware will be provided. [..]Need Software Testers company is a firm that mainly develop software, apps, and browser extension products… We need someone to test free apps for us. You will be testing to make sure the software function pr [..]Coder for language learning app in gaming experience needed are looking to develope a language learning app mainly for classroom purposes. The app should be designed like a game for students between 8-13 years where you control your own avatar and you [..]Raspberry Pi Pyton Program - FUN! For a Coin-op Fortuneteller! Fortune Teller Project This project will be creating a relay control and audio program in python that will run based on a ground input using the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi devise.  The concep [..]I need help With a Simulated Annealing C++ Code am working on the Markov Complex Equations and i need help creating a code that will give me the Weights. I would love it to be in C++ but Javascript is execpted as well. [..]I need a simple app created and connected to existing software and hardware wish to create an app for University of reading students. The app will have a log in screen through which students will use their University ID and Password. The app will the feature a percentage s [..]Automated Game bot. need a game bot that moves like it's a real player, and does so every 24 hours. It's a simple game. I have an example of the program if needed. Please equire for more information.  Attached e [..]Creation of a modern API-driven web application in mental health are hoping to develop a useful and user-friendly API-driven web applicatyion for the management of patients with mental heath problems. This is in the context of an international research project c [..] and Sirs I would like to instruct one website developer  to devlelop 2 websites. The webistes should be similiar to the following example sites which are the and [..]I need a fully function beta mobile application want a mobile application developer (Full-stack) which professional and comfortable in JS and React Native.  [..]R6 Siege ESP/with BattleEye Bypass need R6 siege cheat ESPSpecificlys:-Caveira Esp-Boxes Esp-Glow EspWith long time with no detection. Ofcourse its for only for me Private. [..]Libreoffice Calc macro to import CSV files need a calc macro to automatically import all csv files in a directory, and merge them in a single ods file (every csv file should go into a different tab). I perform the same task very often, and [..]API Access and tutorial help to acess and, and learn how to use both sites APIs.   Thanks,Andrew [..]We need an educational texts about I/O Streams in Java are now working on a new educational platform,, so we are looking for specialists to fulfill our learning materials base. For now, we have basic content for Java, and we are interes [..]We need an educational text about Linear Structures in Java are now working on a new educational platform,, so we are looking for specialists to fulfill our learning materials base. For now, we have basic content for Java, and we are interes [..]Image-recognition bot to search maps (Google or Bing), I'm looking to find a coder who can create a bot that will scan satallite images from google or bing maps - specifically to: - Locate car parks (i.e. pick them out compared to other features) [..]Bot for Amazon Marketing Services morning, everyone,I'm looking for a developer who can develop a bot that connects to Amazon Marketing Services for me and will adjust the bids for my ads so that they are always higher than the h [..]Ejb read message from MQ queue and write to another wueue need to do a poc project to read a message from an MQ queue using mdb. The message will have a count value. Then write the entire message to an output queue n number of times where n Is the count va [..]Simple Login System with google analytics tracking   I have one simple html page that needs to have a simple login system. There are approximately 100 user names that need access. Ideally, using an include file that I could edit and add [..]Online store, whom it May concern ....   Greeting I need to create an application with the online market concept similar to amazon, ebay, alibaba, easy and convenient for users, where customers can regist [..]Contact directory work for a company that is using a system that is out of date with wrong information. We have to contact various people around the nation (United States)but it's almost impossible to reach all of th [..]There's error in loading first page, need to be fixed., I have an error in loading the main page of the website only on Iphone platform, other than that all browsers are working fine. The spinner stays at front forever, while it goes away on other [..]Bypassing Queue-it retail websites are using queue-it, I'm looking for someone who can build a bot to bypass it.     [..]I need a Twitch Tv viewer bot need a code, software, or script that can make it so a twitch live stream will get more viewers. This will of course be with the use of proxies. [..]Web Programmers/ JavaScript coder needed contact me for more detail.   [..]I need edutacion program. need education program. Let me explain. I need virtual classrooms,teacher comes to panel and rent a class.Student comes to panel and choose clasrooms and pay teachers lessons price. Like 10$ after p [..]SQL Server Restore need the following script, "SQLRestorePITOld.txt" to be modified to be able to function like it currently works if a point-in-time is not selected. I believe it will grab the latest FULL. If a point [..]need a custom voip app for android/iOS developed need a custom mobile app developed with following features: 1. We want to create a mobile app similar in functionality to 'outcall' desktop app (source code of the same can be downloaded from here& [..]I need a Cryptocurrency trading bot developed need a bot programmed that trades on Binance,will give more details to the coder I hire. I have the code to program the bot just need someone to program it and get it up and running [..]SEO website crawler PHP script TO CREATE A WEBSITE CRAWLER TOOL/WEBSITE AUDIT TOOL We are a new digital marketing agency, and we want to provide our customers with SEO/digital marketing services. This tool shall help ou [..]An sms message scheduler want an app for blackberry OS 10 that allows people to schedule sms messages which must be sent out each day of the week at different hours. If some special event requires it, a simple pause button [..]A Card game is needed need a web base program foe card playing (various games). the most imprtant game is called hokm online Which is a very famous game in IranA similar example is   [..]I need a cross platform app developed's something I think is sorely needed,it definitely would solvea pain point in my life were it to already exist. [..]I NEED A 3 DIMENTIONAL PLATFORM THAT FEATURES-CHAT/TOKEN GENERATION/SMS FEEDBACK PLATFORM/DATA ANALYSIS(BACK OFFICE) need an application both android and desktop enabled to have the following features; 1.Open chat  platform can support up to 50 characters/emojis/can handle posting pictures. 2.can generate d [..]C# to xaml to xaml. We have to talk and discuss about the project  [..]Pong game game [..]Steam Game Launcher on PC for a program to do the following. 1: When programs is launched show a predefined .mp4 or .avi attract video. Video shuld be able to loop. 2: Based on a keystroke (any defined key and sent b [..]Website Data Scraper for a coder to help scrape data off real estate websites to gather sales data and compile it into microsoft excel. [..]Need Website with links developed for new LLC Improvements offers the follwoing: Home Renovations Home Inspections Pre-Inspections (realtor services) Property Management Landscaping Snow Removal Pressure Washing Gutter Cleaning [..]