Rent a coder - Programming and design services spin up'm looking to create a web application that would spin up resources in AWS, by simply dragging and dropping an icon of the specified application from the left panel to the right panel.  A list o [..]i need 2 cool cross-platform mobile apps developed total of 4 applications, two for android and two for apples iOS.. one app handles e-commerce transactions while the other handles a virtual learning system. Both apps are to be replicas or bassed on [..]Financial Services Website Rent-A-Coder's / Programmers   My financial services firm is looking for a coder/designer to build us a presentative website in a CMS platform (Joomla preferred but Wordpress is fine) The [..]combine two pdfs with needed contents based on csv names have two pdf files, each contains the contents that I need and do not need. I would like to have a code that can be easily executed without a complicating set up, so that when I run it, the whole pr [..]I need a reservation platform for tourism services need a platform to reserve travelling services   Users Hotel, teachers and traveler   Funcionality Traveler is able to reserve a class on a determine schedule Users will create a pr [..]Android Developer needed creating a Multiphone Emulator App is Step 1 of a multiple step application development. (I need a partner for a long term work relationship, as more functions will be needed) I'm looking for someone that would create an Android [..]SSL / HTTPS communication flow and HSTS protection need someone who understands/specializes in SSL / HTTPS communication flow and HSTS protection who can help us insert an authentication screen (Captive Portal) before the user can navigate. Current [..]I need a checkout app developed'm residing in ST.Vincent and the grenadines W.I (caribbean).I'm starting a new online business I just need a easy to use check out app that can be tied to my Bank Account. [..]Coach: Microsoft Azure and Terraform guru Microsoft Azure and Terraform guru Looking for someone who is technical in Azure and Terraform and help me get through some code. Will pay $30 hr for ~ 40 hours. We can do this project over m [..]c# create mmp (microsoft project ) file  I need to create a web application to generate a custom mpp file, in c # [..]Similar to Dream11 script need to Dream11 script need for both APP and websie, if anyone have readymad its fine for me [..]I need a wordpress website freelancers!   I am looking for a web developer who can help me to build a new websites. New freelancers are welcome! [..]Would you like to be about of Storyapp a social media application that helps bring people closer together along with giving everyone a equal opportunity to grow. got a small team working on it looking for some more help let me know if [..]I need someone to make a cool project for computers, I'm looking for someone to make a password manager for me, I don't know what coding language it will be, maybe C#, or up to you. I would like it to be very secure, HWID and IP locked for the mo [..]Simplistic Website development am in the process of creating a mobile app but need a website as well for users that want more information on the app capabilities. Since I purchased the domain (through Bluehost), it came with Wor [..]Full-stack Wordpress Developer design and build e-commerce websites, mostly on Wordpress / Woocommerce. We're looking for a full-stack Wordpress developer who's able to make Wordpress do whatever you want.Establish and guide sit [..]A simple app for a person to check-in and check-out to track timings. Admin page to add persons. an Android-based mobile app to track the check-in/out timings of a person. The data must be stored in the cloud. An admin interface to add people. see the attached requirement document. [..]RTSP zoom for Xsplit need to know if someone can create a plugin for Xsplit that will allow me to zoom a RTSP stream.   [..]I need a series of click throughs for a competitive website I frequent [..]I need an e-commerce website (small online shop) need to sell a small selection of items that are all under the umbrella of one type.  I would like to accept PayPal for payment only.  I need to have the ability for people to create accou [..]i need help with bootstrap website templates am currently using dream template templates and often get stumped with coding issues to make something on the site look the way i want it to.  I don't want to turn over to anyone to design but [..]I need a clone of the mobile app Free Litecoin would like to create a clone of the game Free Litecoin, just using a different crypto coin with slightly adjuster artwork.  It should play exactly the same with users getting a "spin" after wat [..]I need an ecommerce type website needs to be dynamic to fit growth of company. Not many products/items for our launch but as company grows want the ability not to be limited on what products we can post. Products will be aper [..]Create a Bitcoin Mining Pool would like someone to setup a Bitcoin Mining Pool for me.  I have an Amazon AWS account, but I need a real quick website created and the Bitcoin Blockchain setup on the server for people to hit [..]Help with project - smart home is HTML with CSS. It does not have to be functional. I have already created the drop-down menu. The home page is already created, but needs a few fixes.   I need to create a menu page c [..]I need a Cryptocurrency-based Web Casino would like to create a lightweight Casino extremely similar to or, and accept Bitcoin as the only form of payment.  I want to base the company in the Isle of M [..]Need simple database to track orders and status in Access 2000 Access Database – needs to work with Access 2000 Below are field we need for the database.  There will be one record for each customer containing these fields. We will also need [..]I need a class placement program developed for getting children into the right classes with conditions am teacher trying to work out the classes for my students next year. There are 56 kids needing to be broken up into two classes. I would like to create a program (for Mac preferably) to facilit [..]Need an Anti-Cheat Bypass w/ Cheat am looking for a bypass for Easy Anti-Cheat (source code included) as well as an external glow ESP cheat for Apex Legends (which utilizes the bypass).  The bypass can be ring 3 or ring 0, but t [..]I need high quality figures have to include nine high quality figures into a book manuscript (edited in LaTeX). The actual figures are attached. These figures have low/poor graphical resolution. PDF format accepted. [..]Logo Design and Business Card 2 Design and Business Card 2Logo Design and Business Card 2Logo Design and Business Card 2 [..]Member Registration site Set member registration through Facebook and email And activate the membership by sending a link to the email Combine 3 steps to post an ad on a single page   Facebook registra [..]Magento Community Edition - SEO We need help with Magento Communinty Edition SEO. We have a sitemap generated but google has only indexed 12K pages in 1 year. We have over 600K different products and growing.  We have p [..]Looking for a Dev to build a POC all, My name is Eugene and I am currently looking for a dev to build a proof of concept webpage.  We are a small team of developers and sales that is building a financial platform that our cl [..]Back-end- Windows driver una impresora virtual- usando Windows Driver - CVK. C ++ , la cual se requiere crear el driver para que este pueda funcionar mediante impresora virtual en cuanto a la gestion de tickets de factu [..]facebook group files download, i need a way to download ALL files stored or posted in a facebook group wich im member *NOT ADMIN* [..]NS Checker Tool need a tool that lets me reverse who is lookup -- For example, I'd like to see which domains are being hosted on a name server and just generally tie together domain data (similar to this: https://d [..]I need SAP expert need solution for exporting invoice and transportation documents for sending to other EDI solution and importing order document in SAP from xml, csv or similar file (you can choose format). [..]Looking for experience React Native Developer for an experienced and hard working react native developer who can complete stripe integration of an existing online ordering app for a restaurant.I need someone very proficient with React Nat [..]prototype of mobile app everything is going well. I am one of the co-founders of 1st Spring Group a technology holding company I started along with a business partner of mine to create apps that make it easier for [..]Shopify product mass upload and update app check of product list and promotion list on distributor website, compare to shopify store product list and update as required. file examples attached [..]C/C++ windows desktop and Android project,I need a coder to write a stand-alone desktop application from scratch.Coder must be professional and knows his thing in C/C++.Other skills needed, API, database.The same app will be written to [..]we need a Dynamic website and mobile application. is a project similar to The website should have portal for Admin to:   approve all the uploads from customer functionality to detect key words (offinsive, rude etc). upda [..]Edit Android code to use external camera instead of internal camera am a programmer who is lacking experience with android development but knows a lot of programming in general. I want some help in Android project so that I can continue developing on it.I have an An [..]I need someone to code me a simple website I need someone to code me a website where the front page is a login screen. You cant sign up only me can make accounts. You can login with email and password no username. You can also change yo [..]I need a agile test expect to create an organisation wide test strategy are currently transitioning from a waterfall delivery approach to agile and we require a test expect (Test Manager / DevTest Lead with automation experience **MUST**) to provide guidance on the bes [..]I need an agile test expect to create a test strategy are currently transitioning from a waterfall delivery approach to agile and we require a test expect (Test Manager / DevTest Lead with automation experience **MUST**) to provide guidance on the bes [..]Amazon Restocking API connection and .TXT File --- Inventory Updates and Price Updates are looking to create a tool in which we can update inventory more easily. Currently we get parts from multiple distributors and we update everything manually. The inventory level files come to us [..]Website got migrated from php 5 to 7.2 - Few bugs left (budget open for discussion) are a small non-profit organisation and have a member management website online to facilitate our administration. We are looking for an experienced php developer to fix a few bugs that escaped the [..]we need a developer to build a marketplace build a hybrid platform of a marketplace of legal services.   The platform must be built in the Javascript language with the angular framework and for the mobile compilation the serious lang [..]