Rent a coder - Programming and design services UBER like Taxi Hailing App high quality interface UBER like taxi hailing app and website with integrated flight booking needs to be developed. [..]Binary Search Tree assignment is to build a Binary Search Tree. I have provided the header files. You will need to write the matching source files. You are free to add new member variables/functions, but do not mod [..]Linux Installation Tool for SES has a Linux-based (CentOS 7) server application called the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server (or SES). It is an application that supports language translations of text, documents and web pages. The cu [..]Need two similar websites need two similar website skeletons. In other words we give you the design and all you have to do is to make skeleton and we will upload our pictures and information. [..]PAGE REWRITES are looking for a total of 60 pages to be rewriten for ourselves  with the key words Manchester Stockport And Cheshire areas we cover  we inclose a page please give quote to rewrite [..]Low Pass Robust Spline 2D Gaussian weighted Filter with no edge effects in C or C++. A function that low pass wavelength filters a 2D profile of unequally or equally spaced open and closed data sets. RobustSplineFilter(double* input_array[x][y], long array_size, lon [..]I need a full stack developer who can develop a sample social media site need a full stack developer who can develop a sample social media website (mobile friendly). Please leave your bid, what features and services of the website will be included in your bid, delivery i [..]Amazing video-audio-graphics designer will be an ongoing relationship. Hours will vary.  Ex: I paid $5 an hour for this. I gave him the raw audio. He collaborated with his wife, [..]I want to develop a video call application on Unity want to develop a clean and responsive video call and chat application on Unity which can transfer 720-1080p videos. The app will work on platorms including Windows, Mac OS-X, Android and iOS. [..]CODERS FOR ALL OF THIS (JAVASCRIPT + NODEJS + PUG JS + HTML 5 (+JADE) + SQL) NEED CODERS FOR OUR "PIECES OF SOFTWARE". WE HAVE AROUND 200 HOURS/MONTHLY TO CONTRACT FOR EACH GREAT DEVELOPER.WE DELIVER A "WORK PACKAGE" WITH ALL TECHNNICAL SPECIFICATIONS AND DEVELOPER COD [..]I need some advice/consultation have been searching for an ethical hacker/coder to help me for a while, and I think I have found one but I wanted to get some opinions on this first. I need a robot for a binary options website (utr [..]I need online order section to work for a laundry website i have started building am working on a laundry website using wordpress.  Via the website, i want users to be able to make orders based on various forms of services, eg laundry, dry cleaning and ironing.  Users [..]ROBUST SPLINE 2D GAUSSIAN WEIGHTED FILTER WITH NO EDGE EFFECTS in C or C++. A function that wavelength filters a 2D profile of unequally or equally spaced open and closed data sets. RobustSplineFilter(double array[x][y], long array_size, long array_length, [..]c# Path Finder Program is not a very long program. I have the beginning comepleted but now I am stuck on what to do. I need this done by Sunday Night.                    [..]Migrate website from Adobe GoLive to something modern, with similar look and feel. ancient, unsupported web program is failing. Adobe no longer supports GoLive. I do not know what program to use. I do not know even if it should be web-based or PC-based. Please recommend a program [..]Planetary Gearbox Simulation and Design two small Single Stage and two stage planetary gearboxs designed and simulated.  both have a maximum outer diameter of 1inch.   Reduction Gear 1: A) 6:1 Reduction Single Stage Planet [..]Google beacon nearby notification API, I am looking for a programmer that can connect to Google cloud from my website to allow users to remotely edit and update the "nearby notifications" to beacons in Google cloud.   Here is [..]I need someone to complete this c++ programming assignment your morals at the door and collect a quick $100 by completing this homework assignment for me. All of the info will be included in the attached pdf. [..]I need a multi-functional automated app,   My name is Lewis Jarrett and I am a great fashion and trainer enthusiast. The way in which trainers are bought has somewhat changed a lot over the last few years. A lot of the more popula [..]POS System need a program that would be a point of sale system for retail, 1) Analytics we could track sales, inventory, amount of customers (per Hour, Day, Week, Month etc. ), Repitition of customer 2) Have [..]Disable Autocomplete Macros of Confluence Server Editor for a custom plugin that disables Confluence Server Editor autocomplete macros(specifically the "{" and "!" keyboard shortcuts.) The desired solution is a custom plugin that can turn this feat [..]build a "smart" social media platform (java, stats/data analysis) a developer to build a "smart" social media forum. Developer needs to be well versed in Java, and statistical analysis. Will be working hand in hand with a mathematics/stats guru, to develop pro [..]Automatic Raffle Enterer, There's a company called Ubiq and they release limited shoes kinda frequently, to get these shoes you enter a raffle. I've already written a code that makes emails for me but I need a code tha [..]Multilingual website design for Translator'll be setting out as a freelance translator, so I'm looking into setting up my own website.  It must be multilingual (En-Sp-Fr) and have four sections, which will include a contact form and bl [..]Statement of Purpose for MS admissions professional writer to write Statement of Purpose for Masters admission in US university. [..]Need adult oriented classified and video website created to create a website that will be a cross between backpage and   This is a website only and just needs to be mobile friendly.   Will need design work also so include [..]Web Site Creation From Database will be given files to work off of, where a site was created from a JSON file, but it now has to be created from SQL script. It will start off with an "index" page where the user fills out their [..]I need someone to redesign the interfaces for an app company has an app, currently used by 23k pp. Usage rising. I would like the interfaces redesigned. The current interfaces are not perfect for my market. [..]One Wordpress site an One Shopify SetUp Afternoon, I need someone to Setup my Wordpress Site for my Custom Cat Plugin So, I can Upload Custom Cat and details. Fully Function And some SEO work if possible.. I have The website Name and [..]Music Player for Groups of shopping centers need a network media player (software) for broadcasting in stores, malls, restaurants etc. with centralized control in each location/ Software must work for Windows, Android and Apple. Minimum Requ [..]simple web page (html/css/js) populated from json need to a web page (to be displayed on a TV - 1080 x 1920) that includes a small table (5 rows) to display news story title and associated image.  (the page should be transparent to show runnin [..]Progammer needed for a web-based interactive tool for our subscribers create a components-based curriculum that each of our subscriber uses differently. We'd like to have a site where subscribers can choose the components of the curriculum that they wa [..]Need existing SQLite wrapper for MT4 adapted to use cubeSQL, I am using an existing SQLite wrapper and so far has served me well in storing and retrieving data from an SQLite database from within MT4/MT5.However, there is the inevitable issue of conc [..]A simple web demo for a proof of concept of a symptom checker've founded our own company that will provide a health care solution to the world.  We have some great promotional video material, a great prezi, but we'd like to have a basic functional demo of [..]Program Request We are a non-profit that offers services (dental, medical, photos, school supplies, etc.) to indigent families thru partnership with local churches. Each church holds an "Event Day" each year to dis [..]Wordpress Plugin Developer for API recently had a new website designed. The freelancer was supposed to provide a working API Quote Form on the website similar to another website that we provided. She could not get the API quote for [..]star screensaver would like a screensaver SCR file to be created, it would show random colored random shape and random sized rotating galaxies, it would create one show it for 20 seconds then black screen and anothe [..]virtual room designer room designer for a home remodeling website (similar to but other options are on the table) project to feature selection of r [..]R programming for biostats need a script to plot test values in bell curve and shade the 95% confidence interval [..]Website Script Perl Cgi Modifications Needed., I have a perl cgi website script that needs 3 more Categories added on the main page and in the script. Please see draft image attachment and script of what I need. Thank you for your ti [..]Network security configuration a bridge between VAN AND LAN, no internet allowed to access to both of them except for the teamviewer [..]SharePoint Search - BDC Item Level Permission have already implemented a .NET Assembly Connector (BDC) for a SharePoint OnPremise Solution. The models already get crawled and are searchable. Now I'm looking for a programmer who helps me to [..]C# MVC Google DRIVE looking for a person who can develop code for c# mvc google drive connection without an user authentication. for File Upload. [..]I need a few features made fo rmy website i am looking for someone who can code me a few php/java features on my website at [..]Standalone Networked Game: Blackjack a standalone networked game: a simpler version of the card game black jack using pure Java with a simple console based UI. Knowledge of networking and multi-threading in order to complete t [..]Creating a CSV file to upload on to Amazon internationally am looking to create a CSV file to upload on Amazon intentional market places like the UK, France, Italy etc. I am currently selling on North America, and I would like to export my curren [..]MS Access Quiz Administrator deployment would be in a single .accdb file. User opens file and is prompted to select a quiz, they take a corresponding multiple (4 option) quiz and are presented with the grade. The user i [..]New website want a website witch I'll be able to post links, so it only needs a front page witch can be posted links from articleschool and other websites, I have already the domain name hosted by go ddady [..]Statement of Purpose for MS admissions professional writer to write Statement of Purpose for Masters admission in US university. [..]Media player business music for retail need a network media player (software) for broadcasting in stores, malls, restaurants etc. with centralized control in each location/ Software must work for Windows, Android and Apple. Minimum Requ [..]