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Watertown, United States

Posted on Jun 11, 2019 / Est. budget $ 1,000 / Project closed

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This might be a quick easy project for somebody who likes to hack Windows internals.  The non-linear video editing application, Avid Media Composer, used to run in a Windows Virtual Machine. However, it now only runs in a VM with special VM licensing.  If you try to run v2018.x or v2019.x in any VM environment (VMware workstation, AWS EC2, KVM, etc)  you get a popup saying “This application is not licensed to run on a Virtual Machine”. 
Avid supposedly sells specific VM licenses.  However, for some reason Avid refuses to sell these VM licenses to most customers. 
I would like to engage somebody to figure out why it is not possible to run Avid in a VM, and to come up with a workaround that doesn’t have any significant impact on performance.  My goal in running Avid in a VM is that I have a product that interoperates with Avid, and I do all of my QA in an automated Cloud VM environment.  The fact that Avid won't sell me a VM license means I need dedicated hardware for testing, and that I can’t do my QA in the cloud the way I want. The definition of "success" will be for Avid to run on AWS and Azure, as well as VMware Workstation, Fusion, and KVM, substantially the way it runs on real HW. 
I’m imagining what I need is some sort of shim that blocks Media Composer from knowing it’s running on a VM, or that provides fake information when Avid asks what HW it's running on.   Knowing how Avid works, I’ll bet it keeps checking what hardware it’s running on many times per second, and not only at launch, but this will be for the developer to figure out. 
To investigate and work on this problem, a developer only needs to have 
a) VMware workstation running on a decent computer
b) an instance of Windows 10 or Windows 2016 Server
c) a trial of the latest Media Composer, which can be downloaded from the site and run for 30 days without any issues.  Note:  It is not sufficient to download the free Media Composer First.  It is necessary to download the full commercial application. 

Please get back to me if you are interested in working on this.  The price here is negotiable. 

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