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Posted on Apr 08, 2013 / Est. budget $ 250 / Project closed

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The job is about programming a website, based on the layouts I've designed for a online psycology service.
It should be fairly simple, because the service will be provided through skype and google talk, and we won't have to be doing any system programming.
Just information pages on who's the therapist, how does it work and why should you choose this kind of service.
So it's basicaly a bg image and the copy for 12 pages. Except for a php form page (the information submited on the form should go to the client's email), one for ebooks (that looks like the Ibooks shelves and the books will link to different urls) and maybe another to display videos the therapist will publish on youtube.

You can choose how to program it, as long as it's not flash, cause it has to be mobile friendly. But I expect, at least, some nice button overs. And a couple of pages (like the FAQ) have links that, once you click on them, they drop the text down and if you click on them again, they hide the texts back (I don't know how you call this script animation in English, sorry). The website should also be tableless, so it works on all browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox and Safari).

After the site is on, the therapist will submit it to the agency here that allows this kind of service. They will issue a stamp of approval that will have to be added later on, so you know.

And that's pretty much it. Take a look at some of the layouts bellow.

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