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Posted on Oct 07, 2010 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

The website which I would like you to create is a weddings website. It is a site where people who plan to get married can come to look up all the services which are involved in a wedding day.. for example dress hire, suit hire, hotels, music bands, car hire etc.. These services could be search by different topics like location, service type and rating.. To give you a rough idea on what I am talking about you may check out this link This is a general view on what I am talking about but with a lot more user friendly website, better design and more services..

I plan to allow business e.g hotel, bands etc to advertise on this website by uploading pictures, a short review of what they provide and in some cases upload a video. This should be done by the advertiser by being able to login to their personal account within the website and upload the information themselves.

I have attached a copy of the home page layout. The colour scheme I would perfer throughtout the website is possibly a white backround with a gold and black theme..I would suggest that the black be the least domain colour..

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