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Posted on May 18, 2011 / Est. budget $ 150 / Project closed

We will start website in the finance business and need a professional website.

We want to have a new website with a one to one impementation like in our Power Point Presentation. We do not want different style or any templates, which are not exact the same like our reqirements.

Please only bit, if you have the ability and skills to create an exact copy like you can see on google docs. Link below:

The picture Page Header should show you like we want to have styled the our header. It is important that our name is on the right side and flush with the boder of the text boxes on the right side.

The Page1 picture shows the design of the pages with horizontal formatted pictures and page "investor" the vertical formatted pictures. Because of lack of space, the header in this pictures is not that big like it should be in the end, please see for header Page header!

Fonts: Calibri, 24pt + 16pt + 12pt
Pharagraphs: we need to talk about
Bullets: little squares, if possible

Important is also, that you could import the website to and show us how to make changes in the text fields. We need a copyfile, if we destroy by change textpassages on the website.

You should also be very expierienced in SEO and its methods.

Please contact me for further questions. PPTX is too big for, therefore I only take some screen shots for your information.

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