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Posted on Dec 09, 2016 / Est. budget $ 10,000 / Project closed
I am looking for skilled WebRTC developers both on the server side as well as the web development side.

An easy way to see what I am wanting is to view this site: www.bigmarker.com

A quick list of requirements:
HD Audio, Video and screen sharing
Ability to play pre-recorded videos in live events
100% WebRTC, no downloads or plugins.
Ability for my clients to do custom branding.
Recording of live events for on-demand playback
Reporting & Analytics of events
Live Twitter feed inside events.
Polling and Q&S's
Custom Registration Forms when joining events
Emails and automated reminders
Telephone Dial-In (we have already partnered with a Telco that has API's for this process)
Integration into social media platforms: Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, ,etc.
Option to allow clients to CHARGE customers to attend events (live and on-demand)
Backend account management

This Big Marker site is 95% of what I need created. Once I pick a developer I can discuss the other 5% of things I require.

Before you bid, please review the project so you can give me an accurate quote and timeline. While I realize timelines slip for various reasons, I will hold you to the final quote once we meet about the complete project.

I would want the project to be broken up into "Phases" over the period of time you plan to complete the entire process. Once each phase is completed, you would be paid for that particular phase. Then you would begin working on the next phase, etc.

Again, I cant stress enough...before you submit a quote, you must be able to answer YES to the following items:
- You are able to communicate well in English. (we are based in the United States)
- You have a good knowledge in WebRTC
- You have created other WebRTC projects that have similar features and can show us your work.
- Once we both agree on the timeline and cost of the project, the cost will not change and you agree to be paid when each agreed upon "phase" is completed.

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