Webdesign and development projects


Posted on Dec 04, 2019 / Est. budget $ 1,000 / Bids 3
I'm looking to create a web application that would spin up resources in AWS, by simply dragging and dropping an icon of the specified application from the left panel to the right panel.  A list of icons on the left pane of the website such as APP1, APP2, APP3 and once dragged over to the right pane and released it would trigger the appropriete ... read more
Posted on Dec 03, 2019 / Est. budget $ 2,500 / Bids 5
Dear Rent-A-Coder's / Programmers   My financial services firm is looking for a coder/designer to build us a presentative website in a CMS platform (Joomla preferred but Wordpress is fine) The problem we face is that most service providers we are finding in the market place, merely install and modify a template. We need our website's UI/UX t ... read more
Posted on Dec 01, 2019 / Est. budget $ 120 / Bids 4
I have two pdf files, each contains the contents that I need and do not need. I would like to have a code that can be easily executed without a complicating set up, so that when I run it, the whole process can be finished. For example, pdf A: 100 pages, pdf B: 100 pages. I want all this be repetitive done for all the 100 pages: for page nth of pdf ... read more
Posted on Nov 27, 2019 / Est. budget $ 400 / Bids 3
I need a platform to reserve travelling services   Users Hotel, teachers and traveler   Funcionality Traveler is able to reserve a class on a determine schedule Users will create a profile according to characteriscts   Reference https: //www.bookyogaretreats.com/ https://calendly.com First stage create catalog of users & ... read more
Posted on Nov 21, 2019 / Est. budget $ 250 / Bids 3
We need someone who understands/specializes in SSL / HTTPS communication flow and HSTS protection who can help us insert an authentication screen (Captive Portal) before the user can navigate. Currently only works with HTTP sites. ... read more
Posted on Nov 18, 2019 / Est. budget $ 80 / Bids 1
  I need to create a web application to generate a custom mpp file, in c # ... read more