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Eden Prairie, USA

Posted on Aug 31, 2018 / Est. budget $ 250 / Project closed

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I am building a website for a Lake Property Owners Association in Minnesota. The association members are people who own property surrounding a particular lake, and the site is for sharing information about the lake and surrounding area.

I am a professional coder, but most of my work is server-side coding (Java, C++, etc). I'm a terrible designer and barely adequate with modern JavaScript.

I need someone who can do the site design. I will give you a small number of photographs to incorporate into the design. I want a lakes / nature scene theme with a clean and uncomplicated design that I can then expand. Requirements:

  • Reactive. That is, works well with both mobile and desktop.
  • You're producing HTML5, CSS, and JS. I'm not interested in someone who is going to give me a photoshop file and expect me to figure out how to make that work.
  • I am perfectly fine if you use an existing theme from somewhere, but when done, it should be a unique look.
  • I prefer to limit the number of JS tools. I like bootstrap, but could be talked into a different framework with little effort.
  • For deliverables, I want four pages:
    • Home page with a carousel-based image
    • A links page.
    • A blog page (letter from the president sort of thing)
    • A blog entry page with an embedded HTML editor. You do NOT need to implement the server side. I just want the page.
  • As an old far professional developer, I have high standards for delivered files. I would good, clean code. Because I'm not an expert in all of this, I want embedded comments and any other documentation required to take your design and expand it. I'll be adding several more pages including a photo library and I don't know what else.
  • I do not require fancy user input. I want the club secretary to be able to upload her newsletters, the club president to upload blog posts, and members to manage the photo library, but these can be pretty simple. We don't need to throw Angular or ReactJS into all this. I can implement these pages once you give me the tools to do so.

Server-side, I intend to embed this into a Ruby on Rails project. If you're already a RoR programmer and want to start there, that's great, but not necessary. What is important is that I can take your design and run with it.

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