Visual cues for social network analysis

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Saudi Arabia

Posted on Nov 25, 2012 / Est. budget $ 2,500 / Project closed

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The goal of this project is to develop and implement corresponding representations to visually emphasize interesting predefined structures or represent key players, thereby facilitating the visual analysis.

In more details,
The explanation in the project proposal. The overall purpose is to support the analysis of social network interactions by visual representation, and, as the respective graphs might be huge, to reduce these graphs to a basic core structure by replacing some parts that are less important (e.g. a set of similar degree one nodes hanging at the same neighbor) by graphical representations like glyphs etc.

there is no much coding, we may use very little Java code but the main task is analyzing data.

Attached is the basic idea of the work.

I will be very happy to answer any question or do further explanation.

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