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Posted on Jan 07, 2012 / Est. budget $ 1,400 / Project closed

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Upgrade and Make Mobile Phone Websites

Stage 1

1. Update thumbnails for the pop up graphics. Some full size pictures also need to be updated.
2. In the gallery tab, when a person scrolls left to right to look at different pictures, please update the larger picture above when one scrolls.
3. Optimize the mp3 player.
4. Display all of the texts from text files. For example, in the resume tab, the first "read more" pop up window is not displaying the text.

Stage 2

1. I want a store similar to the one located on Britney Spear's website, http://store.britneyspears.com/brit-s-holiday-shoppe.html.
2. Please write code with a lot of comments and update the read me files. Use as much dynamic coding as possible. Please load the images from an external file where the images can be easily saved. Also, load the multimedia from an external text file because this may help with displaying the content into Google's new multimedia bar. This project is time sensitive so this project must be delivered within two weeks.
3. Make a new store tab. In this store tab it will have the same theme as the other tabs with the cartoon icon on the left and the store on the right side. There will need to be a scroll bar to view items in the store. The store will need to have the ability to sell items once the project is done via all popular payment methods.
4. For right now, there is only going to be one item, a CD maxi-single, to sell and more will be added later. Make the layout for the CD similar to Katy Perry's layout, http://www.katyperry.com/discography/teenage-dream/. Please do implement the ability to play video.
5. Please make the music available as a downloadable sale or a product to be shipped.

Stage 3
The image to explain the button design has been removed from this section and is uploaded an attachment.

1. Flash website multimedia is not discovered by Google; let us efficiently make it discoverable (maybe add external text, image, audio, and video files). Google has a new multimedia bar at the bottom of their browser that this website needs to be part of.
2. Add the ability to add comments to "read more" and graphics that pop up. These comment boxes need to have the ability to publish or communicate with the current popular social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube; in this case they do need to communicate with all of them. Please also keep in mind the dynamic idea and future popular web sites, which may or may not be a social network; Adobe Flash web sites or other types of web sites. In specific, implement all the plug ins, including the betas, located at:
3. Make logins for www.albertfelix.com that include FaceBook, Twitter (all variations of Twitter by Twitter), Google, and YouTube.
4. Give the ability to like each webpage with dynamic buttons that are inputted. We want these buttons to have a multimedia design that will be determined later (please refer to the image above).
5. Simply said we want to be able to dynamically (dynamically so that this web site can easily adjust to the next popular site) share multimedia on every single avenue of FaceBook, Twitter (Twitvid (video sharing), Tweetdeck, HootSuite, and Twitterfeed), and YouTube; including mobile phone avenues.
6. Provide check in capabilities to the web site using FaceBook.
7. Add the ability to share video to YouTube.
8. Dynamically provide login capabilities to the buttons for Google, Twitter, YouTube, and FaceBook.
9. Dynamically publish to as many of the four social networks as possible. Does it depend on logins? Keep them logged on as long as possible. How does auto login work for all our social networks?
10. Can we get information from log-ins to our Microsoft Database? If not, how do we get appropriate information to the database without offending the user?
11. What access do we have to our four popular databases (FB, Twitter, ...)? Store as much data as possible in a Microsoft Database appropriate for both our desktop and mobile web site.
12. What database information does one get if the person uses the Register Button via FaceBook?
13. Make a page, "Social Networks", that keeps a person informed with latest news happening on our FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google. On this, "Social Networks", Page make a suitable area where all the given avenues can broadcast via video in this same area; keep the same theme of the carton character on the left.
14. Make a opening page for advertisement like Eminem's which is located at http://www.eminem.com/splash/.
15. Dynamically add to FaceBook's Timeline and "like" every multimedia item, page, and pop up window.
16. In summary give the user the ability to display every single piece of available multimedia to the given avenues via the most popular methods that we are working with; including Google.

Stage 4

1. Make a mobile website of http://www.albertfelix.com with Microsoft's programming language Silverlight.

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