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This is a final year university essay which i require 10000 words to be completed in total;


" How BIM (Building information modelling has an affect on the Quantity surveying proffesion"
The reason i have chosen to do this essay is that i am currently doing Quantity Surveying at University.


This essay I require you to look into detail of how new technology such as BIM ( Building information modelling) has an effect on the Quantity surveying profession as a whole, my research would be based around how the Quantity Surveying within the future would change due to this type of technology as the profession can change drastically or may have a minimal effect on the practise.
I require more research on the a technology known as BIM (Building Information Technology) and see how this new piece of technology works and does jobs that a QS would normally be required to do.


� Produce information on the Quantity Surveying profession, looking into their day to day duties.

� Look into greater detail of how the BIM (Building Information Technology) actually works and whether it would be worth a company investing in.

� Research on BIM and see how this new type of technology would have an effect within the construction industry and in much more detail of how it effects the Quantity Surveying profession.

� What would be next for the Quantity Surveyors if this new technology does take over the roles normally played by the QS or whether the new technology can just assist QS.

Proposed structure:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature review (Compare up to 25 articles and journals)
Chapter 3: Research design and Methodology
Chapter 4: Analysis of results (Results from Questionaire aimed at QS's and others in a construction proffesion, this must be first hand data)
Chapter 5: Discussion
Chapter 6: Conclusion
Chapter 7: Harvard References (Over 40)

it is a 10,000 word report that should contain everything I posted before and it should be structured in a proper manner that includes references, bibliography, appendices etc


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