Streatham Mandir Soft receipt database:

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United Kingdom

Posted on Dec 31, 2012 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

Charity donation receipt in iPad / online

Charity in UK (Hindi temple) looking Online (Apple IOS) Database (or open source database format) expert to design custom made (let me know if you have readymade charity database) database where enter donor detail and generate unique id. Take donation print off receipt, design receipt and design report.
Will provide full list of tasks as I have experience designing database but currently no time.

Streatham Mandir Soft receipt database:
Purpose of this database (Online) is to take Donation received to Streatham temple from PC/Apple MAC/ Apple iPad (preferred) and print receipt.
Multi user database User must log in First with custom user access level.
Must make off line backup with snapshot backup
Need to last for many years
Print donation receipt and GA declaration complementary sheet
When taking donation system must Auto fill date and receipt no and look for Satsangi (if S/He donated before and or is in system with Satsangi ID + Search by ID, Name, Surname, Postcode, NI No or D.O.B) enter Donation amount with type (System must flag up if that satsangi has NOT signed GA Declaring) Print receipt with:
Date, Receipt No, Name, Donation Type, Amount (In word as well) and taker name.
To wireless printer.

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