Stock Research Program

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east patchogue, United States

Posted on Jul 08, 2019 / Est. budget $ 1,500 / Time remaining 18 days

Skills required

   I need the program to accept as an input from the user text characters for stocks traded on NYSE or NASDAQ. 


   The program then retrieves various pieces of information related to the input symbol from the internet such as: 


      - Current stock price. 


      - Recent earnings per share and values for last 5-10 years. 


      - Recent dividend paid and value for last 5-10 years. 


      - Etc. 


      - As these variables get retrieved, the program would assign names to them so they could be used for simple calculations inside the program. 


   The program then retrieves any entry regarding the company from 


   Lastly, the program should have at least one yes/no question field that would be asked of the user with the answer recorded.


   Any information that can't be found should return a value of "ERROR" in the ouptut file.  


   All of this information is then compiled into a wordpad or notepad file for the user to be able to review. 


   These are the basics. The main thing is getting the input/output running.


   Really, the key to this project is a consistent source of financial information - preferably one that doesn't require a monthly fee!



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