Steam Game Launcher on PC

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Fairview, US

Posted on Nov 21, 2018 / Est. budget $ 500 / Time remaining 6 days

Skills required

Looking for a program to do the following.


1: When launched show a predefined screen image.

2: Based on a keystroke (any defined key) launch a steam game.

3: Once game is launched, start a times based on a defined amount of time.

4: Once time is elapsed close the game and go direct to a splash screen that can be an image with "Times Up!"

5: Return the the imitial screen imahge in #1 above.

6: Track the days and time a game is played.


The concept is to take a pulse from a bill validator to an ipac.  Based on the pulses to the ipac would be the key strokes of the predefined key in #2 above. Based on the key stroke qty in a period of time would add time to the playable game.  


Example: $1 = 1 pulse (with in x MS) equal to the #1 key being pressed once that could = 3 min of game time. (can add additional time for every pulse thereafter)

Example: $5 = 5 pulses (with in x MS) equal to the #1 key being pressed 5 times that could = 5 min of game time. (can add additioanl time for every pulse there after)


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