Steam Game Launcher on PC

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Fairview, US

Posted on Nov 21, 2018 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project canceled

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Looking for a program to do the following.

1: When programs is launched show a predefined .mp4 or .avi attract video. Video shuld be able to loop.

2: Based on a keystroke (any defined key and sent by the ipac) launch a predefined Steam game.

3: Once game is launched, start a timer based on a defined amount of time applied.

4: Once time is elapsed close the game and go direct to the predefined screen graphic image "Times Up!"

5: Return the the initial screen image in #1 above.

6: Track the days and time a game is played.

The concept is to take a pulse from a bill validator to an ipac (  Based on the pulses to the ipac would be the key stroke of the predefined key in #2 above. Based on the key stroke qty in a period of time would add time to the playable game.  When time is elapsed, show an exit image then go back to the predefined video or image untill the next player.

Example: $1 = 1 pulse (within x MS) equal to the #1 key being pressed once that could = 3 min of game time. (can add additional time for every pulse thereafter)

Example: $5 = 5 pulses (within x MS) equal to the #1 key being pressed 5 times that could = 15 min of game time. (can add additioanl time for every pulse there after)


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