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Posted on Jun 15, 2017 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

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You have to optimize a WordPress-hosted website (siteground (PHP 5.6) + cloudflare). Currently it is quite clunky and slow.

We have been playing around with various cache plugins and CDN etc.Unfortunately our knowledge is not so extensive as to make it very good.

Task: optimize template (based on The7), speed up desktop (load time less than 4 second) and mobile version up to 85-90 - establish proper bundle of cache plugin and cloudflare.

What we would like initially would be an assessment of what we may need to improve our website and an estimate of the hours it would take from you. From there we would move forward with the optimization.

We've so many projects working on and we need a professional developer or company to work.
Please don't waste the time submit your proposal and epxerience also portfolio if you've done the simillar job before.


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