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Posted on Apr 01, 2019 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed

Skills required

We are looking for an Executive Software Product Manager. This is a full time remote contractor position. You need to meet these qualifications:

Perfect, native-level written and spoken English.
Strong IT background (Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent)
Strong product/project management experience is a must (10+ years of experience)
Strong Experience managing programmers
Strong Programming experience (Although the Executive Software Product Manager will not be coding himself, he will need to check his programmer’s code and bypass a programmer when needed.)
Experience with Databases is a plus
Experience with CAD products is a plus
Friendly, gregarious, likable. For demos.
Critical. For software QA

Ideally you have a Masters or Doctorate Degree in Computer Science.

Candidates are expected to carry through the complete software development life cycle of a brand new software product from an idea/spec to a formal release.

Candidates are expected to uncover the root causes of problems and to determine (sometimes with help from the customer, other staff and other resources) the optimum solutions to those problems.

Candidate needs to be very well organized. He’ll be running multiple very small teams and often prioritizing the tasks of one programmer who is the entire development staff on multiple projects.

Candidate needs to have strong documentation skills. No friction on documenting things. This includes the products’ user’s guides, bug reports, improvement ideas and write-ups of how to do the job.

Candidates are also expected to write promotional articles on their products.

Candidate needs to be the type who is constantly looking to improve himself and the organization. This means constant improvement of products, operations, approach, and questioning past assumptions and solutions.

Candidate should have a hunger for new, proven ideas from any source available and the ideal candidate will likely be an avid reader of industry (IT, BIM/CAD, software) books and other publications.

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