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Posted on May 20, 2013 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project closed

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This isn't a website but an administration module to manage adopters and dogs.
All files should be within a directory called MGMT.

MySql 5 and PHP 5


letmein.php (main login screen) and register.php (used to create user accounts)

No one should be able to access any page in MGMT without logging in though letmein.php.

Both letmein.php and register.php will need to access the table "user".


userid int unsigned primary key auto_increment
name_first varchar(25) not null
name_last varchar(25) not null
email varchar(50) not null unique
passwd varchar(15) not null -- encrypted
salt char(3) not null
is_temp_passwd char(1) not null -- T or F

register.php will allow an admin to create a new user and save the information to the
user table. By default the password is temporary. When the user logs in for the first
time they should be prompted to change their password.

register.php will need editable data grid to manage user accounts. See Adopter page for
data grid requirements.



Verify user has logged in, if not kick to letmein.php

Main menu with two links:
View Adopters (adopter.php)
View Dogs (dog.php)



Verify user has logged in, if not kick to letmein.php

Allows user to create a new adopter record and save it to the adoper table.
Also displays a data grid to view adopter records.
Grid should be editiable.
User can sort by column headers
Grid paginates records (default 25) but user can change the number of records
to be displayed
Need search box to allow searching by name_last_1, name_first_1 and city.

Need export to Excel and PDF option


adopterid int unsigned primary key auto_increment
name_last_1 varchar(25)
name_first_1 varchar(25)
name_last_2 varchar(25)
name_first_2 varchar(25)
street_addr varchar(50)
city varchar(35)
state varchar(2)
zip_code varchar(15)
home_phone varchar(15)
cell_phone varchar(15)
alt_phone varchar(15)
work_phone varchar(15)
email_address_1 varchar(50)
email_address_2 varchar(50)
home_inspection_dt date
home_inspection_by varchar(25)
last_update_dt date
adopter_notes varchar(255)



Verify user has logged in, if not kick to letmein.php

Allows user to add a new dog and to associate a new dog with an adopter.
No dog can be added without an adopter.

Relationship between adopter and dog tables is one-to-many.An adopter can have many dogs.

Needs a data grid just like the adopter with the same features.

Need export to Excel and PDF option


dogid int unsigned primary key auto_increment
adopterid int foreign key -- to adopter table
dog_name varchar(25)
dog_name_new varchar(25) -- adopters sometimes rename their dog
microchip_brand varchar(25)
microchip_number varchar(25)
breed varchar(25)
sex char(1) -- F or M
rescue_dt date
resuce_age decimal(4,2)
source varchar(25)
foster_home varchar(25)
adoption_dt date
adoption_fee decimal(4,2)
how_found varchar(35)
dog_notes varchar(255)

I will provide a mysql dump file of the current database.
Currently, 1,331 adopters and 1,350 dogs.

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