Small Design Portfolio site coding needed, collaborative opportunities available.

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Posted on Oct 08, 2012 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed

I will not respond to templeted emails or "web design companies" with fixed rates. i want to work with a freelance individual and create a workign relationship that stretches beyond this project, so bear thsi in mind before reading over the project brief.

I have a complete redesign ready to go for my portfolio site. The workfile is in Illustrator, so you need wot be able to work diretly with those files. I don't want to make compromises on navigation or type in as much as is possible. This is a very basic gallery site but with a new social networking aperture (small control panel). need to find a comfortable screen size, get the functionality going, then fine tune the design. Wordpress has proven to be a poor option with oo many constraints. All I am really looking for is a smooth running site with no refreshing - so the coding is up to you. Needs to be easy to update.

There are lots of projects that I can court if I have a talented, quick developer behind me who can faithfully reproduce my layouts. This is a fast turn around project as I have already tried this twice with two developers who have gotten sick or just lazy.

SEO and basic sharign is important here as the final phase after we nail down the design.

I have the domain and hosting setup. I am looking for a 2-3 week turn around which I think is reasonable considering that the site is completely designed and there are very few pages, most of which function the same.

Contact me for more info. I have a solid client list that will really help your portfolio as much as mine so bear this in mind when bidding.

**After my experiences i really wont be able to accept major delays or lack of communication so please be sure that you can commit to this project. if you can, there are sure to be others.

My budget is limited but I can offer future work, work-trade (ie branding / illustration) and my small fee.

Project must go live Nov 1 at latest.

Thank you.

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