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Posted on Apr 15, 2011 / Est. budget $ 225 / Project closed

I am posting a similar request for an "Eight Word Matrix" The two requests may be combined into one program. Please specify if your intentions are to combine the two.

For a description of this project as a Word *.pdf with an illustration / example of
the completed Matrix - see the file uploaded for relevance to the project

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Six Word Matrix Project

Description of General Program Function:

Following the keyed input of a three-letter MASTER word, the program will incorporate the entry such that it fills in (completes) a matrix composed of three (3) three-letter words right-reading across and three (3) three-letter words top-reading down, as shown in the following example:


Following the entry of “C-A-N” as the MASTER word, the program calculated a resolve for the matrix by using the keyed MASTER word at the top:

It then continued the matrix by filling in the second line with the common English word: “O-R-E”

… and completed the matrix's third and final right-reading line with the word: “B-E-T”

The matrix is resolved ONLY because:
1) the program incorporated the key'd MASTER word of “C-A-N”
2) and the solution generated and positioned the additional two
right-reading words of “O-R-E” AND “B-E-T” such that they
3) also create three subsequent common English words reading top-down,
“C-O-B” and “A-R-E” and “N-E-T” (respectively)

Following the operations just described, the user will be afforded the option to accept (thru a Save command) the solution or employ a prompt to Recalculate the matrix (to receive a new solution using the same MASTER word.)
The program WILL include: 1) a Create command such that a random matrix solution will be generated without the key'd entry of a MASTER Word, and 2) the program WILL offer a Print function (the final print does not have to include any borders or graphics and may limit the page to one matrix or print multiple charts per sheet)

Programming Rules:
- The program MUST include the means to enter a three letter MASTER word using the keyboard
- The program MUST include the key'd MASTER word in the subsequent solution.
- When calculating the solution, the program can place the key'd MASTER word in any of the three positions of rows right-reading across or any of the three positions of rows reading top-down.
- If desired, the key'd MASTER entry CAN be a name, acronym or slang term and will be used in the solution.
- Ideally, the program will pre-filter any profanity, world or formal name, abbreviation, acronym or slang term in its resolve (examples of words the program can NOT use in a resolve: ass, Mrs, Bob, etc, inc, NFL, DOD, tit, git) OR without a filter, the user must have the ability to Retire any word (elect to send it to a list of words that can NO longer be used in a proposed solution) Either solution is acceptable.
- The grid's solution MUST be comprised of common, uncaptilized words from the English language (examples of words that could be used in a resolve: nut, bat, ate, car, jot, run, inn, fur, key, way)
- The solution may NOT have a word appearing twice in the same matrix (Example: the word “O-N-E” in the second right-reading word and the word “O-N-E” as the second top-down word can NOT be a proposed resolve.)

Matrix Archiving:
- The program may NOT create a duplicate solution such that the same words occurring in one resolve reoccur in simply a different arrangment in a subsequent matrix. (Translation = the same six words, in any order or layout, may NOT appear / be suggested a second time.)
- Ideally, the program will create an archive file to track it's solutions / logistically manage its resolves.
- Ideally, the program will keep a count or tally of each word used
following a Save ‘d resolve.
- The program MAY reuse a word from a Save ‘d resolve in a new, separate and subsequent solution, however, to avoid frequent re-occurrence, ideally, after a word has appeared in any six (6) unique, individual puzzles – the program will begin to “flag” any further proposed inclusion and prompt the user to Retire the word (elect to put it to a list of words that can NO longer be used).
- The program will create a searchable archive file to store / recall the list of retired words. The user will be able to open / review this list and will be able to remove (re-enlist) a word from “retirement” - the program can then use this word again, however, it will tally any new Save ‘d inclusion and remind the user to Retire the word.
- The program is allowed a “failure to compute a solution” with an ideal target “fail vs resolve” ratio of 1: 8 or better (for every eight or more unique, key'd Master words, one failure may occur)
- In the event of a failure, the program MAY prompt / suggest an alternative Master word / matrix solution(s)

- The program will have Menus to allow the user to interface the operations.

File = New, Open, Save, Save As, Create, Recalculate, Page Setup, Print Preview, Print, Close
Edit = Master Word…, Undo, Word Tally || Find Word, Retired Word List || bullet to retire / re-enlist each word
Tools = Reset Page View, show “Window” information if more that one file is open

The program is for internal use only – the incorporation of a colorful GUI or splash page graphics is NOT necessary.
Please feel free to engineer / add features that you feel will make the logistical use of the program more economical or the program itself more functional. I look forward to working together!

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