Simple WebService example needed, With Excel Client

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Posted on Feb 10, 2012 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project canceled

I need a WebService to serve two functions:
1- accept sets of data/value pairs, with proper authentication, and commit that data to a database
2- upon proper authentication send data/value sets to users
I also need a very simple but secure way of adding user logins/passwords to the database

I need a simple Excel spreadsheet that implements those two functions
1- macro or extension button to connect to the webservice, upload data from cells, with user/login provided
2- another button to connect to the webservice and provide the uid of the data entered, and if authenticated, and the data exists, then the webservice sends back the data to the excel sheet.

-Needs to use SQL Server 2008 express, and provide deployment scripts for the database
-Needs to provide a deployable version, or instructions on how to deploy the web service and get it running on my machine with the database included
-Needs to provide the Visual Studio 2010 project with the web service, and I need to be able to manipulate the code for the data writing and reading.

Not sure what technologies are best to use here, I'm open to suggestions: VSTO + WCF, ASP.NET + HTTPS and SSO? I have no idea how to secure web services, and that is why I need the example of the implementation of a simple but secure data transfer between client and web-service that I can extend later.

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