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Posted on Feb 09, 2015 / Est. budget $ 50 / Project closed

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Right now I need a single simple html5 page (should be an aspx page) which follows these requirements:

1. Displaying only the attached image (image1.png) and textboxes bellow as in image (Landing page.png)). The page content should contain only the image, 4 asp:TextBox, and 2 asp:ImageButton - no more and no less.
2. Compatible with :
a. IOS (IPHONE 3 and up)
b. ANDROID (all different devices)
3. This is a landing page : the page should appear clear in the device: no scrolling at all in all devices (no scrolling horizontal neither vertical)
4. The page should be a .Net page (ASPX web form page)
5. the textboxes in the bottom of the image should be asp:TextBox controls
6. the green buttons in the bottom of the image should be asp:Button or ImageButton controls
7. no css, inline style
8. No need to any javascript, and no code behind int his project
9. Generic aspx page as possible, without adding if iphone3/4/5/6...if chrome...if safari...or checking the device screen width and height

The delivery should contains only 1 short aspx page with html5 code in it.
This is really a small project so the payment will be after delivery.


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