Simple Design studio / Portfolio site developer needed (basic coding)

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United States

Posted on Apr 18, 2012 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed

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I want to convert my current flash portfolio site into a fast-loading, easy to navigate site with larger gallery real-estate and fewer sections. Actual design work will be done mostly by me, though I am open to suggestions.

Some requirements:

-*ABILITY TO WORK WITH ILLUSTRATOR FILES, optimize and deployed very crisply.
-Must be easy to update
-SEO is a high priority (top-posted for search under my real name and brand name)
-Open to simple solutions such as Cargo or Word-press if you can really customize it.
-Usability feedback / discussions necessary so decent English is required.
-You should have some eye for design.
-Input on Re-brand (changing name entirely)
-Limited amount of pages, brunt of the design work will b done by me, so budget is low.
-Start by exchanging links of sites we like and coming up with a phased plan
-Dont care much about your coding format so long as I can update easily.

My current site:

Please respond directly to my inquiry with general suggestions for changes to current site. Bids that dont address my project directly generally will take a back seat to those who actually talk to me directly.

Send your portfolio or links to sites you have done especially design intensive, non corporate sites.

I believe that my site can be turned into something very simple, strongly visual, with a minimalistic approach, easy navigation, and stand out branding. If you have SEO and Marketing experience to bear that would be great. I am also looking for someone to farm my web projects out to so if this process goes well you could have a stake in the final product and partner with me so I dont have to turn away web work.

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