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Posted on Apr 07, 2011 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

I need a javascript/php API for doing a proximity search based on lon/lat values provided as input, passed to PHP which does the proximity search and then a list of matches returned as a SOAP object.

As I see it:
URL would be something like

from point of view of developer using API:
they include the script and then make a call such as:

var api = new proximity()
response = api.ProximitySearch({lon : lon, lat : lat}, numberOfResults)

so they provide lon/lat values and number of results they wish to get returned from the system. Then the response variable will contain the results as a SOAP object.

from a script point of view:
it needs to check in database if URL the request came from matches the key. Then return the requested number of results to user. I already have formulas for doing the proximity search based on lon/lat values so you can just hardcode the returned results in php and I will just replace with real values.

Any suggestions to make this better are welcome.

Should be a real quick and easy project for someone familiar with API and javascript.

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