Sharp, simple up-to-date design portfolio site needs to go live fast. Possible ongoing Partnership.

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United States

Posted on Oct 08, 2012 / Est. budget $ 350 / Project closed

My budget is low. My portfolio is up there. Ive worked with the New York Times, Wired, CES, Virgin Galactic, and lots of oher great looking work. This makes y ou look good, and you end up with direct credit. I also regularly turn down web projects because Im a front end designer reliant on good devs. Id like to find one person i can work with or at least pass referrals to.

This site is about 80% portfolio work, and the rest has t do with collaborative projects, a small shop for my prints, contact, etc.

What I want is for someone to faithfully reproduce my web layout without compromising one hing after another or trying to integrate it into an awkward platform like WorPress 9unless you know how). i don't want to give up on my type or my grid, but the whole site will probably shrink or grow, which is fine. Its a simple site. Ive had so many delays and flakes that I am out of time. I need this to go live this month. This means telephone conversations once in a while.

I know that web work is pricey, and I know that even a good portfolio isn't that tempting for a good dev. but I am a solid designer and I repay my debts. I would like to use this site to interview for full-time, but also grow my own business, of which you can be a part as my dev. So take that into consideration.

Please let me know if you have questions. This is a nice looking upgrade ofr me, and I have a lot of new work. i also have a partners page that you might want to put a profile in.

Lastly, social networking (see small control panel) and SEo are the final phase of his small site. So let me know where you stand on he layout, functionality, and social / sharing aspects, and we can get started.

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