Self-contained survey/questionnaire system with ability to add and remove questions and question logic

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Posted on Jan 30, 2012 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project canceled

I need a survey system that allows the addition and removal of questions as well as controlling question logic. For example:
1. User loads questionnaire and enters profile information
2. Profile information determines questions
3. As the user answers questions, additional questions will be prompted for based on the answers given
4. Based on the results of the questions, present the user with recommendations
5. Answers are recorded in the database and the whole database can be downloaded and imported

Administrative interface needed for question manipulation, question logic and database manipulation.

Requirements: Python3 (PyPy preferred), SQLite / pgsql, XML, CSV/XLS import, HTML5
Optional: FAPWS / lighttpd, PyQT / WebKit
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