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Posted on Jul 13, 2011 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

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Request: Design a web application is for use by automobile dealers to list their vehicles for sale and to search for and purchase other dealer's listed vehicles.
Purpose: With this application, automobile dealers could search for vehicles within their locality (25 mile radius, 50 mile radius, 100 mile radius and the like) and then purchase a selected vehicle that meets the dealer's search criteria. Upon clicking “buy vehicle” a notification via email and text messaging is immediately sent to the listing dealer's contact advising the listing dealer of the name and contact information of the buyer as well as a brief description of the purchased vehicle.
Initial Objective: To prove the efficacy of such a “vehicle search” application. Most of the back-office functions will be developed after the efficacy of this application can be proven. Graphical presentation at the proof of efficacy stage is a minor consideration. Simplicity of use and organizational detail are important.
Application Summary of Pages (rough-draft concept only – expert feedback desired) is available.

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