Script PHP (linux) for a complete free online games site.

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Posted on Dec 11, 2012 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project closed

The admin:
- With the all features to add a new game, to create friendly url's, avoiding duplicated titles, etc.
- Full integration with the social networks
- administration for the panel that rotates with recent games added inserted automatically.
- feed system that grab sitres like mochiads to add games easily by the admin
- complete system for members (add, edit, avatar, ban, like a mini social networking)
- stats of played, number of members, etc.
- people online in real time
- clear cache
- separated areas for header, menu, footer and others (to put ads)

- home
- game page
- categories

Basically (not all features) like this site: This site have almost all that we need for a site that we want. Here, You may see the admin in - you may use the admin and the site.

Important: This script must have all the sinergy, integration and facilities to contribute with the SEO best practices. Full integration with SEO. This site will receive 30.000 and much more visits per day and must be prepared for great audiences in your code.

A last question: with the features asked above, it's possible to make a site and admin using wordpress and have the best performance in all instances??

Thank you!!

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