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Hi There,

I need a script/batch or other to add up multiple values then add them onto the row with a corresponding master number.

So In more detail, My family business is changing how it records inventory for its car rims.
They have a number system from 1-1000 that they mark different rims with. Next to "their"
number is an Industry Wide number.

Now they just want to use the industry number , however all the rims are marked in "their" numbers.
So I wrote down and put into a data base on a excel spreadsheet all the rims in the shop.

I need something to add up all those repeated numbers to establish the quantity for each of "their"
number system.

I also made a master spreadsheet of "their" number and the correct corresponding Industry Number they now want to use. So after I have the quantity I need the quantity place in the correct row matching "their" number.

In the end I will have "their" number in a column , The Industry Number and the correct quantity. Then I will import it into a management program. So the data will have to be imported to this free available program called "ABC Inventory"

I will put it all into one spreadsheet, or however will be easier to sort the data.

thank you

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