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Posted on May 09, 2011 / Est. budget $ 1,500 / Project closed

It should have a 2 step payment process, (1) to reserve & make a holding deposit, & (2) after time and meetingroom space has been confirmed, final payment. Need to be able to disable step 1, to make it a 1 step process. Also would like the entire process to be able to automated and have up to 10 spots for email notifications in the backend. The system needs to be able to check to see if a roomspace has or is in the process of being booked in real time, and give a message that this space is being booked, or has been reserved. If the space has been confirmed then it will not be visable. Admin backend should be able to build custom rooms & spaces & prices. Booking times are 1Hr min. should be able to restrict reservation by day of the week, set holidays etc.
It should also be skinable or have 4 differnet look to chose from. Here are 2 more looks for the front end.

I need PayPal & Multiple payment gateway integration. I like the 2nd example with the popup style selection.

Here are some samples below:

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