Rebuild javascript to avoid infringement on type site

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United Kingdom

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 / Est. budget $ 150 / Project closed

I'm currently building a clone of the popular joke-search site 'Let me Google that for you' but for a specific vertical.

I contacted the site owners asking if I could rip their entire site, but whilst they granted permission to create a derivative work in this fashion, they said I may not lift their JS code as-is.

As a result, I would like a coder proficient in javascript to reverse engineer, strip unnecessary functions and rebuild the site js code in a way that is functionally indistinguishable, but not explicitly reusing any of the original coding - to comply with the wishes of the lmgtfy site owners.

This is my current beta site in dropbox:

The successful coder should clone the assets there and produce an updated version of:

So that the functionality remains. More explicit test cases / requirements can be given if required.

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