Pull shipping address fields from Amazon order and place server side with a click

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Posted on Jan 05, 2017 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project closed

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Hi programmers,

I'm looking for someone who can make me a simple program that, with a click, can pull order information from a customer's order on Amazon and add this information to another page. I have included images to show what the Amazon side looks like and what the other server looks like. Please note that, for security purposes, I will not be able to grant access to the Amazon account or the server. I can check values for you - Take this into consideration when bidding.

A few notes, as depicted in the images:

The phone number on Amazon's side can contain text as well as numbers. I would want it to only pull numbers. Some customers also leave it blank. In that case, I would like it to fill my own number.

The Zip code shows up as "11111-1111" with the last string of numbers being unnecessary. I would want to return only the numbers before the "-"

Sometimes a customer will order and include a business name. It is rare, but we can discuss including that in the program.

Any questions let me know. I won't be responding to the bots.

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