Proposal for the deciphering of the Voynich Manuscript

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Posted on Dec 28, 2016 / Est. budget $ 2,000 / Project closed
Programmer needed,

I believe that the VMS words are just letters that equal numbers which are not represented as a language. I’m in search of a programmer who can apply my cipher to the VMS corpus of words and correlate it to a database of an Old English Dictionary associated with Gematria numbers. The programmer would have to use another piece of code which checks for grammar. Also the programmer would have to gain access to every VMS vord and substitute my cipher to every letter of it.

What’s needed?

1) Entire list of all the VMS vords
2) Old English Dictionary
3) Dictionary is associated with standard Ordinal English Gematria
4) A grammar checker
5) My Cipher

At the moment I have a modern dictionary of about 360,000 words which include Gematria Numbers and a star list with its numbers as-well. If you feel you’re up to the task please help. Please email me if you would like to decode the VMS Manuscript. I have an excel file which can pull in the Ordinal Numbers from a list of words so that part is ready!
Tom E. O'Neil

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