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Posted on Oct 06, 2011 / Est. budget $ 1,000 / Project closed

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I wish to build a website of plumbers, I have started it but I am rubbish at web design. You can see it at
The idea is a plumber signs up and pays either �10 per month or �100 per year.
For this they get a page on the website. e.g if they are a plumber based in Reading, the n the page would be www. or similar.
I need
1. a properley built website with seo built in
2. a way of taking money and away of checking who has paid and who has not.
3. a form of some sort to to take plumbers details.
4. A way of addding the plumbers details to the website perhaps via a database or access.
5. A way of searching the website for customers who are looking for plumbers in their area.
6. an easy wat for me to maintain the site and to be able to add and remove plumbers.
7. This will become a big website with lots of towns and villages as page names. All pages have to be visible and searchable by google

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