PHP and JS/Jquery help on website for extra features.

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Posted on Apr 09, 2015 / Est. budget $ 400 / Project closed

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We have a website where we list events and we are upgrading with new functions, and need help by you!
Please note, the site is up and running right now, so all code is there, except for the functions we need help with.
The entire site is written by us 10 years ago, and updated some along the way.

The parts we need help with.
- Function to add the event for multiple dates
- Better image-upload (todays upload is buggy)
- Preview mode for the event, before saving
- Edit mode

(preview and edit modes are ready, just need some code-fixing and cleaning to work perfectly)

Copy of the site is up and running on a demo-url, where you will be given full access.
OR if you want to code locally and deliver later is ok also.

A deeper description with database tables/fields, whats need to be changed and how is presented when we have choosen someone to work with us.

More upgrading work is avalible for a good coder! We have a big list of features/fixes to be done, this is just a few shown here.

Feel free to ask for screenshots of current site, or demo!

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