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Posted on Mar 17, 2017 / Est. budget $ 10,000,000 / Project closed
I'm looking for a program that I can set dates to trade if a certain stock I choose goes to like 0.01 and set it to buy a certain amount of that stock also to have a spot for it to sell all if it hits an inputted amount like 0.25 a stock want a spot where I can set how long in days by dates like start 03.20.2017 stop 04.15.2017... If possible would like it maybe also setup so that I can distribute program and charge a monthly fee for usage... To be able to activate / deactivate accounts like on a 30 . 60 . 90 day basis. Would like this as an Android app possibly a iOS app eventually. Also need a spot to add account if like tdameritrade or etrade or optionshouse.

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