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Posted on Mar 25, 2017 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed
We are looking for someone who is ready to work with us for long time and ongoing basis. The work would include:
1- designing a secure website (as below)
2- continued maintenance and updates as required.
3- maintain security and confidentiality
4- other support that you may advise ....etc

The design is for an online Doctor website that includes the following (but not limited to) :
1- we add certain medical conditions (eg. hair loss) and its medications (with their prices) on our secure website.
2- a customer (patient) can register or login to access his account. He/she can select a condition or treatment then Click "Start consultation".
3- this will open the specific questionnaire for the selected condition (or item). customer has to answer those questions.
4- certain questions need to be mandatory answered (Yes or No) before they can proceed , eg. Did you read and agree to the terms and conditions?
5- once that form is submitted by patient, it will be processed by our doctor online.
6- the doctor then could make a decision of (a)approve and issue a prescription online, or (b) Reject, or (c) put under review asking for further details from the customer.
7- if an order is approved, it will allow the doctor to issue a prescription online (.pdf).
8 - the pharmacy will receive an email that that a prescription is waiting to be dispensed so they can access it from their side, download and print it.

- examples of similar websites could be found online if you need to have a look at.

* We do not want any open source coding as we want a professional, secure and STABLE website.
* The price shown here may be negotiable if you think you can do something special to this website.
* The annual fees for ongoing maintenance will be discussed after we agree on your bid..

* If you can do such a website, please put your bid, otherwise please do not waste time.

Kind regards

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