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Posted on Jan 28, 2017 / Est. budget $ 50 / Project closed

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***I do not know the estimated cost for the project I'm submitting so put $50. to appease the required filed to place the ad.
***I want it done correctly/properly with no stress or hassles.
***Please place your bid accordingly.

My son recently started a career in real estate sales.
I currently have a display banner ad on Google AdWords promoting his business.
The redirect for the ad is going to his company website profile page.
The profile page does not prompt prospective clients into action once they click on the Google display ad.
I would like to duplicate an existing page from his company website (see first attachment).
That page can be found at:
The second attachment is for demonstration purposes only.
In the new project I do not need the rotating pictures in the background like as in the URL above.
In the shaded area I would provide the content needed.
I can do this as a transparent png file or just as text and you can insert into the coding - whichever is easier.
I have Photoshop and can provide PSD files if need be.
I have a domain parked at
Since I do not have access to his employer's server, I would like to make the new page an extension of the parked domain (ex:  .com/kyle.html)
I have experience in html coding using Dreamweaver but have not done in 10-15 years - when IE was the primary browser.
I need the new page to be seen on various browsers and also mobile platforms.
I have a version of SmartFTP but might have you upload to the server to make sure it's done correctly.

Thank you - look forward to hearing from you.

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