Lotus Notes Traveler PlugIn for Android

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Posted on Sep 26, 2012 / Est. budget $ 1,500 / Project closed

Am looking for somebody who could write a framework allowing us to translate an existing, Lotus Notes PlulgIn developed on the Windows OS platform to Android. The plugin can be called from 2 places: Calendar and Email. When selected, it associates the item with data held in another database in our corporate environment (not in Domino). In some circumstances, one has to contact the server to get a list of valid domain values (used to categorize the item). For example:-

While viewing an email, press plugin.
Popup window to associate (and thereby copy over) the email to our CRM system.
. Prepopulate the list of possible clients based upon the email address (obtained by a webservice call to find all clients in the CRM with a match to the particular contact address (something we'd supply)
. having chosen the client (if there is more than 1 client); list of open opportunities (same strategy, webservice to our CRM to get the list of open opportunities)
. Assign responsible (list of people associated with the user)
. Post such with message to our CRM server

On sending a message, same process.

On entering a Calendar item, same process.

Obviously knowledge of Lotus Notes Traveler is a must as well as its implementation on Android.