Looking for a Node.js + Frontend developer

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Moskow, Russia

Posted on Jul 10, 2019 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project canceled

Skills required

Looking for a Node.js developer to help me to finish and support a half-developed website. This website requires not so many Backend (Node.js) skills but I need help with getting responsible frontend side done. 

I have $170 - $230 and I would like to spend it for website promotion. If you would like to help and to get 40% of website's revenue as your fee (I get 40% too, we need 20% for website support [domain, etc.]), please, contact me via email: marxygen@gmail.com

If you have enough skills and passion to support Node.js backend and (the most important thing) responsible Frontend - please, contact me:)

If you are interested but have passion to rewrite this website with a different technology (PHP, Python, etc.) - that's no problem. It's really not that hard. 

Thank you for attention


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