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I am a writer of fiction. I need a list of key words I can work off to attract readers to my blog and thus my books. I would give you a list of relevant terms from a book and you would return a list of key words along with the monthly exact match searches and the number of competing websites in ascending order. I would also like advise on whether I am barking up the wrong tree, or, not far enough up the tree.
Here's an example of what you'd get:
The title of the novel: I Am Diving
Speculative fiction
Speculative fiction based on fact
Speculative fiction based on a true story
Based on a true story
JFK assassination
John Kennedy Assassination
John F Kennedy assassination
Atomic Submarines
Atomic submarine USS 593 Thresher
Submarine service
Submarine sailors
Submarine sailors lost at sea
Sailors lost at sea
Sea trails
Sea worthiness trails
Mental illness
Dissociative disorder
Depth curves
Governor Connally
Grassy knoll
Dallas Texas
Dealey Plaza
Zupruder film
Corporate fraud
Corporate corruption
Government contracts
Government contractor corruption
Government corruption
Government/corporate collusion

I Appreciate Your Courtesy,

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