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Posted on Apr 18, 2012 / Est. budget $ 2,200 / Project closed

Currently we are developing a JSP/Java application and require some help in the frontend layer as we have to focus back to the backend (Java based).

Usually we are receiving design layouts from an agency, these need to be translated to JSP/HTML/JavaScript code, we are using jQuery in our frontend layer as well.

We are searching for a highly motivated JSP crack being able to support us in the frontend layer in terms of translating designs to JSP code as well as integration of functional requirements to the UI layer.

We have already created a beta version of our product, so it's not about architecting something from the scratch, it's rather applying JSP knowledge to an existing application.

We can not create a "package" right here in terms of "build an application which does xyz...", we are searching for a resource we can connect to our SVN and after a short ramp up supporting us. So if you start biding for this project simply tell us the monthly amount (max 2200 $) you would expect for supporting us in the frontend.

Duration of support currently is planed for 1 to 3 month. After this period we could offer a fixed position as well in case of matching chemistry and matching skills - but thats just an offering...

The project can be developed from everywhere, we will do a remote session (TeamViewer) in order to give you a ramp up being able to start coding...

Looking forward to your application,
cheers - Florian;

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