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Posted on May 04, 2015 / Est. budget $ 1,500,000 / Time remaining 369 days

Hey, we need an epic Java programmer that can help us with our game.
The game is called Star Flight. The controls are going to be arrow keys for movement, q for speed boost, w for invulunebility, e for power up, space to shoot, and alt for bombs. The game will have 5 stages, Each stage contains different enemy minions as well as a stage boss. Each boss is special in its own way. Once you get hit by any bullets, doesn’t matter by the minions or by the boss, it is one shot kill. Once you get killed you will reset to the stage you are currently on. You have 3 lives in total, once you use all your three lives it is game over. Minions like this shoots pairs of bullets randomly, the frequency is very low so it is easy to dodge and kill. The player start with the default weapon that shoots 4 pairs of bullets every time and each pairs of bullet deal 200 damage. You can get weapon upgrades from killing minions only and the minions will drop random weapon upgrades that changes the bullet pattern and/or increasing damage. There is also bombs that you can use. You get 2 bombs in total but once you die, the bomb resets. If you use the bomb, it would clear all the minions on the screen.

Weapon upgrades
1st weapon chest - the bullets frequency goes higher
2nd weapon chest - the bullet range is also increased and is added on top of the bullet frequency
3rd weapon chest - the 1st and 2nd weapon chests reset and you are back to your default weapon but now, you are given lasers that deal consistent damage
4th weapon chest - bullet frequency is added to your default weapon and damage goes up and the laser bonus is still on
5th weapon chest - on top of everything in your 4th weapon chest the range of your bullets and the laser is increased and damage increases even more

money drops randomly from killing a minion, it drops as coins, each coin counts as 1 dollar and each boost cost different amount of coins to purchase
You are allowed to purchase boosts in between the stages with the money you earn. Boosts may be needed to complete some stages.
Some power ups may be:
Speed up - When the speed up is used your speed is increased by 25% as in you can move your plane 25`% pixel faster and you are able to dodge enemy bullets easier cost:50 coins
Power up - When a power up is used then the damage of your bullets will be increased by 20% cost 50 coins
Invulnerability - When an invulnerability boost is used then the player would have a period of 5 seconds of invulnerability.
The boosts can be used by the keys q, w, or r depending on which boost it may be different. The boosts can also stack up to 5 times if you buy more of the same ones which can result in more power. cost 100 coins
The game contain five stages with five different boss

stage 1: HP: 50000
Boss’s bullets: shoots in a DNA formation with laser on the side that shoots every 3 seconds

stage 2:
HP: 250000
The boss can shoot randomly and have it spread throughout the screen
Boss’s Unique Move: When the boss reaches 25% hp it can achieve darkness. This reduces the player’s sight and the player will have a cone like vision instead of having full vision.

Stage 3:
HP: 500000
The boss shoots in a wave formation with machine guns
Boss’s Unique Move: When the boss reaches 30% hp the boss may duplicate and have a similar clone appear with more bullets

Stage 4:
HP: 1000000
The boss shoots shoots ninja stars and can summon minions

Stage 5:
HP: is unlimited for the first 10 seconds then 5000000 hp after and shoots with target-lock thunder, summon all the other stage bosses with 20% of their hp

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