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Posted on Nov 22, 2016 / Est. budget $ 500 / Project closed

I am trying to produce a virtual safe lock that allows users to attempt to "guess the code" of a safe lock to use for online competitions. I need am image of the lock, whether it uses actual images or just drawn images. Then when a user enters the required information as well as "their guess", it demonstrates that code being entered into the lock, then showing if it was the correct code or not.
We can either film ourselves entering each number into a real lock, then use these videos to simulate an attempted code, or we can just have a drawn image that lights up in the order of the number/code they entered.
The users must be required to enter some information in before they can have a guess, such as name, email address etc.
It must only allow users to have one attempt per day.

I can link it to my website, so it is hosted online, but needs to be usable from mobile devices as it will be primarily used on social media.

Attached is an example of the lock that we use on our safes, so you can see if you think we should use actual video footage of the code being entered, or if we should just animate it.

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