Image-recognition bot to search maps (Google or Bing)

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London, United Kingdom

Posted on Jan 09, 2019 / Est. budget $ 7,000 / Project closed

Skills required

Hello, I'm looking to find a coder who can create a bot that will scan satallite images from google or bing maps - specifically to:

- Locate car parks (i.e. pick them out compared to other features)

- Apply a set of heuristics (we will supply) to that car park to give it an arbitrary score. These include density of spaces vs the area of the car park, gross number of spaces and width of spaces. See sttached for an example of one identified as risky. Angular spaces, densely packed, one entrance/exit.

- Ideally it will be searcheable by UK postcode, giving the 'riskiest' car parks to a given location

The nature of the project is to allow people to judge which car parks might be more/less risky for bumps/scrapes/prangs. It's for editorial purposes rather than anything official. I represent a PR agency working for a car-related website. 

Happy to answer further questions but at this stage I'd be looking to find if it's possible and what the associated cost would be. One technicality would be multi-story car parks. Do we assume these aren't possible or could we estimate for those with roof-top spaces? 

At this stage my budget estimate is provisional but could go higher if required



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