ID and notifications cross platform app

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Posted on May 13, 2019 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project closed

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I need, to start, the following functionalities in a cross platform mobile app:

  • From user perspective, the user neet to:
    • Be able to load his/her ID and show that is still valid
    • Receive push notifications messages with text and images
    • Open messages to extend information about it. 
    • View valid agreements page and their details
  • From the administrator perspective, he/she needs to:
    • Create/edit/uptade/delete user
    • See number of valid and 'close to expire' IDs and see details
    • Create and send notifications (and save them for future use/modification)
    • Create/edit/update/delete and Post valid agreements

It should work for iOS and Android devices, be responsive and save xAPI 'logs'.  Administration could work via web 

App should be coded using python, Angular, Django, javascript, postgresql,  following Material Design principles, and any service of AWS that benefit the easy of coding and the good results. 

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