I need an iOS app and need to develop multiple apps

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shanghai, China

Posted on Jun 11, 2019 / Est. budget $ 3,000 / Project closed

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We have our own main website platform. In order to promote our main website platform, we need to make a lot of vest apps for a long time, and then guide users into our main website games. Therefore, the functionality of the application you are making is only available to reviewers. Simply process the audit and open the given URL to the user via webview after placing the application on the shelf.

Hello,  can develop iOSapp technology plus my Skype live:cc017534438

IOS development, release project requirements.

- > We need to develop a variety of applications, published in the App Store, we have no restrictions on the type of APP content

Can be tools, services, shopping centers, business, travel, sports, photos.

Shadows, news, entertainment, etc., can also be old apps published in the App Store.

-> We need to add the jump code, keywords, screenshots, etc. that we provide in the application we are developing.


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