I need a spa customer consultation form developed for Android tablet

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Makati, Philippines

Posted on Feb 26, 2019 / Est. budget $ 200 / Project closed

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Currently, when a new customer go to my spa salon for massage treatment, he/she is given a customer consultation form by the receptionist and fill up this piece of paper. The customer consultation form collects personal and medical information about the customer and is required prior to providing the service requested.

This system called Spa Customer Consultation Form aims to automate the process by having the following functional requirements:
1. Capture and store customer personal information including uploading of photo
2. Capture and store purpose of visit to the spa by the customer
3. Capture and store medical information about the customer prior to spa treatment
4. Capture and store the service the customer would like to avail
5. Create and store signed electronic copy in pdf format of the Customer Consultation Form
6. Program to connect to the database hosted online for login authentication, data retrieval and storage


I will share the screen layout, process flow, database table, fields and relationships to interested coders.

The developer will come up with an Android program that will be installed on a 10.1 Android Tablet w/ some technical knowledge on how to code the following:
1. Use of mySQL database for login authentication and data storage
2. Use the device’s  camera to capture and save customer close-up photo
3. Use device’s pen to capture and save customer’s signature
4. Use of a plugin or code that will autofill customer address fields without using stored entries from mySQL database.
5. Create pdf copy of the signed Customer Consultation Form and store it in the database


Skills consideration:
1. Android Studio proficient developer
2. MySQL database design and optimization
3.  PHP


1. Working Android program
2. Improved database design
3. Source code



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