I need a class placement program developed for getting children into the right classes with conditions

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Port Noarlunga South, Australia

Posted on Oct 12, 2019 / Est. budget $ 180 / Project closed

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I am teacher trying to work out the classes for my students next year. There are 56 kids needing to be broken up into two classes. I would like to create a program (for Mac preferably) to facilitate this without having to actually sit down and work out class placements in my head which many have done for years before. 

So I need two classes of 28. 
Each child did a sheet filling out what 5 people they wanted to be in a class with next year. We only promised them one person from the list each. 
The other conditions are certain children can not be placed with other children. (Oh the joys of teaching). 

The conditions that need to be applied to the program would be:

Split gender approx 50/50 and split numbers definitely 50/50...ie 2 classes of 28 or 2 classes of 30. 

There are parent requests which we factor in A condition for example that Child A can not be with Child B (these are parent requests and/or teacher recommendations) which need to be priotitised.

Each student gets 5 preferences of who they want in their class and a condition that maximises the amount of preferences. We would prefer to get the students to get the maximum amount of choices as possible. 

And  some type of split of children who achieve high and students who have behavioural challenges. We want a mix of behaviours levels such as "Severe Challenge", "Moderate Challenge", "Occasional Challenge"

Also we want a mix of academics I was thinking "Gifted", "Slight Learning needs", "Severe learning needs" with added things to take into account such as "Disability" or "Other" 


If possible, it would be great to be translated into different amount of classes if need be as our school is growing and I would like other teachers to be able to help them also. 

One more thing, it would be amazing if we could save what we have done at every point of the process. 

I am hoping for it to be just a basic desktop platform which I can then share with other classes to input their data and get the best possible results. 

Thank you kindly!

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