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Posted on Jun 16, 2011 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

I'd like to design a javascript height converter to convert a person's height in feet and inches to cm, and from cm to feet and inches.

The converter should have 2 drop-down boxes for users to select:

1) Drop-down box #1: for users to specify height in either ft and inches or in cm.

2) Drop-down box #2: for users to converse height entered to either cm or to ft and inches.

A user then enters his/her height in ft and inches (if ft and inches is selected in drop-down box #1), select cm in drop-down box #2 then click a button to convert the height entered to cm. The result is then returned in the form.

The converter should also has a clear button to clear all the fields to blank when clicked.

The resulting codes should have an external function to perform the conversion, i.e. the converting function resides in the same folder with the height converter html file and not in the head section of the height converter html file.

Please let me know how long it takes to write the codes and how much it costs. Thanks in advance.

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