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Posted on Nov 04, 2015 / Est. budget $ 100 / Project closed

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This project will involve Google PageSpeed Insights API which can be found here:

The functionality of the developed pages will be very similar to Google PageSpeed Insights found here:

Please setup your own API key and I will edit once the project has been complete.

This project will be coded using PHP, JS, AJAX, HTML, CSS only.

I have attached 3 designs.

Design 1 - step1.jpg
This is page 1.
This pages includes a field for the user to enter a URL and a submit button.
On submit, if the user has not entered a URL, validation will need to notify the user to enter a URL.
On submit, if the user has entered the wrong format, validation will be required to notify the user to enter in the correct format.
On submit, if successful, the user will be redirected to page2.
The submitted URL will need to be parsed from page1 to page2.

Design 2 - step2.jpg
This is page2.
This page gets the URL submitted from page1.
It then uses the Google PageSpeed Insights API to fetch the results for the submitted URL.
Whilst this is happening, the page will display an animated GIF and notify the user that it will take up to 60 seconds for their results to appear.

Design 3 - step3.jpg
This is still page2.
Once fetched, the results and URL are submitted to my email address.
This page displays image/screenshot of the submitted URL.
This page displays the desktop page score of the submitted URL.
This page displays the number of high priority tasks to complete.
This page displays the number of low priority tasks to complete.
This page displays the number of completed tasks.
This page displays the body text and empty image boxes.

My initial thought are:
JS/AJAX will be required to parse the URL from page1 to page2 as a query parameter.
The URL will then be fetched from the URL on page2 and submitted to the API using JS.
JS will then be used to trigger a PHP script to email me the results and URL.
The results will then be displayed on the page to the user.

The developed pages must be 100% same as the designs.
Please include the lorem ipsum body text and empty image containers, I will edit these after completion.
The animated GIF can be taken from

If you are interested in this project, please let me know how you will complete the project and how much this will cost.

Once your approach to the project has been agreed and accepted by myself, your bid will be accepted.

This project could lead to future projects if completed well.

I look forward to working with you.

Thanks :)

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